It’s Simple. Our Job Is to Serve and Empower You.

The cornerstone of our work is empowerment. We want you to see through the complexity of your wealth and understand the financial choices before you. We work one-on-one with you to understand not only your current situation but your goals and concerns as well. We do a deep dive into your personal and financial objectives, separating them into categories of priority, from those that must be addressed to ensure your financial well-being to those that have less significance but are still important to your quality of life.

We then develop this spectrum of goals into your preliminary financial declaration, a narrative of your objectives and the strategies we can take to help you achieve them. We sit down with you to discuss these strategies and further illuminate the paths before you, including their potential opportunities, costs, and trade-offs. We take the time to make sure you understand the purpose for each of the proposed solutions so that you can feel confident about the objectivity of our recommendations and the strategies we will implement on your behalf.

In short, your financial declaration is your path to empowerment, providing a full range of customized financial and investment strategies that are both efficient and effective in addressing your concerns and meeting your goals.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is founded on the premise that capital markets work. In any given second the world over, thousands, if not millions, of trades are being executed. We believe that the entirety of these trades creates markets that are fairly priced, and research shows that no fund company has ever achieved sustained success in actively selecting mispriced securities.

Better Research. Smarter Strategies. Superior Investing.

Our research and experience indicate that timing the market is not a reliable path in investing success, so we don’t practice it. Instead, we adhere to what is called a passive management style toward the capital markets, meaning we let the markets do the work for us. We build investment portfolios that are designed on the principles of diversification, allowing us to minimize short-term market swings and capture the long-term returns that can help our clients accomplish their goals.

Our clients often complement our passive approach to the capital markets with an active approach to other investment opportunities such as real estate. We believe our complementary approach helps us diversify our clients’ overall asset holdings in order to grow and preserve their wealth.

We employ a research-intensive process that helps us select appropriate investments for each client’s objectives, situation, and risk tolerance. We pay particular attention to low costs and fees, as well as opportunities for long-range tax optimization. In this way, we strive to help our clients achieve the returns they need to efficiently build wealth and meet their goals.


  • Portfolio Construction

  • Investment Management

  • Personal CFO

  • Tax Optimization

  • Retirement Planning

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • BookKeeping

  • Debt Payoff Strategies

  • Banking and Lending Services

  • Education Funding

  • Insurance Needs Analysis

  • Legacy Planning


The Process

We have developed a process that helps us meet your goals and helps ensure your financial and investment strategies remain in sync with your life.


Discovery Meeting

We talk with you to get an understanding of where you are and what you want in life. We share how we may be able to help, and if we mutually decide we’re a good fit, we move forward.


We make sure that we get an understanding of not only your wealth but what you want to do with it, whether it’s a new home or an early retirement. Your goals are the cornerstone of the financial planning we provide.


Goal Setting

We do a deep dive into your concerns, goals, and aspirations, as well as your capacity for risk, so that we can develop the recommendations that fit your needs both now and in the future.



We present your preliminary financial narrative, addressing how we might efficiently and effectively achieve your objectives. We cover the entirety of your personal finance needs, including cash flow, investments, taxes, insurance, and college funding.



With your approval, we begin implementing your financial strategies and investment portfolio. We coordinate with third-party professionals such as your CPA or attorney as necessary to carry out the details of your plan.

Strategy Meetings: regular check-ins and updates to your plan

We hold regular strategy check-ins with you, covering goal progress, portfolio updates, and whatever else is on your mind. We encourage you to contact us whenever you have a big change in your life so we can update your plan accordingly.

What Makes Legion Unique

At Legion, we do things differently from other advisory firms by design. We want to have a major impact on the lives of our clients and have adopted the practices that help us do so.


Community Based

We provide a unique, data-centered approach to investment management and financial planning that helps deliver results. We strive to work with clients who are passionate about our approach and about being part of a community of like-minded individuals.


Customized Strategies

We don’t provide the same templated investment portfolio to every single client. Rather, we design portfolios as well as financial strategies based on each client’s individual needs and goals.


Research Driven

Our financial and investment recommendations are given only after we have done our due diligence into their appropriateness for a client. We base our advice on Nobel Prize-winning research and extensive analytics.


High-Touch Service

Our customization and research-intensive process necessitate a high level of service for each of our clients. We embrace our high-touch service, as it facilitates long-term relationships with people we care about and want to help succeed.


Proprietary Systems

We deploy proprietary technology and processes to help provide clarity about your money and investments. For example, we leverage technology in portfolio construction that helps you see your potential returns given a series of variables that we can change to explore other scenarios. By doing so, we help simplify complexity and give you the ability to make confident decisions about your finances.


Clients Come First

Everything we do is to help give our clients peace of mind about the direction of their finances. We are an independent RIA so that we don’t answer to anyone but our clients. We are fee-only to help prevent conflicts of interests. And we are fiduciary advisors so that clients feel confident that we always put their interests first.


Listening Is Key

Listening is the cornerstone of the work we do with each client. By taking the time to delve into a client’s goals and motivations, we can better understand their destination and thus the road map that can help them reach that destination.