As the steward of your family’s wealth, you are in a position that not many people understand. Although the wealth you manage and inherit can provide opportunities for your life and those you love, it also presents a tremendous responsibility.

To manage your family’s legacy responsibly and prudently, you need a meticulous understanding of the interrelated financial, investment, and tax strategies that would best serve your family’s values. You need to begin building a circle of advisors who will work with you in preserving the current assets and growing them to pass on the family legacy to future generations.

We are committed to developing trusted relationships with multi-generational wealth families in managing their finances. As a personal CFO, we will:

  • Collaborate with you on discovering your family’s goals and values

  • Present a range of scenarios so you can understand your potential paths and financial trade-offs

  • Build a plan of comprehensive financial, tax, and investment solutions based on your vision for your family’s legacy

  • Manage your bookkeeping and other accounting responsibilities

  • Determine and establish philanthropic vehicles such as family foundations

  • Meet regularly with you to help ensure your plan and portfolio adapt as your wealth grows