As a medical practitioner, you had to live frugally, even austerely, while you diligently worked toward your medical degree. Now that you have achieved a high income, you want to enjoy it; however, you have heard the horror stories of physicians who failed to balance their spending today with a plan for tomorrow.

As one of the highest-paid professionals in America, you are in a good position to achieve your goals, and you seek a financial plan and ongoing guidance to help realize long-term financial security.

As your fiduciary financial advisor, we will:

  • Collaborate with you on discovering your short- and long-term goals

  • Present a range of scenarios so you can understand your potential paths and financial trade-offs

  • Build a plan of comprehensive financial, tax, and investment solutions based on your ideal path

  • Develop a detailed budget so you have a clearer picture of your spending and expense patterns

  • Help determine the optimal balance between paying off education debt, saving for retirement, and enjoying your money today

  • Help you understand needs such as how much home you can afford and how much you should put aside for your children’s private-school and college tuitions

  • Build an investment portfolio based on your specific situation, objectives, and risk tolerance

  • Meet with you regularly to help ensure we adapt your plan and portfolio alongside the changes in your life