Goals-Based Financial Advisor

We were founded to provide custom-tailored portfolio construction and management, as well as comprehensive financial planning, to help our clients grow and preserve their wealth to reach their goals.

Based in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, we work one-on-one with successful professionals in Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles who are serious about building and preserving their wealth for this and future generations. Our goal is to employ the power of the markets, Nobel Prize-winning research, and hard data in recommending financial and investment strategies that help our clients achieve their life objectives.

About Our Founder

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David Di Rocco started Legion Financial Advisors with one mission: He wanted to help high-net-worth professionals build on their success by providing well-thought-out financial and investment strategies based on the power of the markets, research, and advisor expertise.

David’s background comprises a rich combination of academic and hands-on experience in the capital markets. After earning a bachelor’s degree in business from Pepperdine University, he went on to attain an MBA from Georgetown University. He was then hired by State Street, the largest custodial bank in the world. There, he worked 2 1/2 years before spending four years with PIMCO and two with Dimensional Fund Advisors. At DFA, he served as an advisor’s advisor, guiding other financial advisors in building and analyzing investment portfolios.

However, David wanted to draw on his experience to work one-on-one with successful, ambitious individuals who appreciate astute wealth-building strategies. He wanted to create a firm that applied the research-intensive, data-centered methodologies he had been utilizing for years to bring organization and clarity to the financial lives of clients.

He knew from experience the power of the capital markets and the opportunity they present for long-term success. He wanted to share that understanding with others so that they could more readily achieve their goals while feeling the freedom to focus on the other areas of their life.

Today, David’s firm, Legion Financial Advisors, applies this same data-centered approach to investments and personal finance to the lives of clients. We take a goals-based approach to our clients’ money, determining what it is they most want, then implementing multifaceted strategies to help address their concerns, meet their goals, and expand on what they’ve already built.